I am the secretary to the supervisor in Thurman. I have been recently accused of providing the highway superintendent with bank statements that should not have been publicly available, violating both the General Municipal Law and town ethics code. The September bank statement they are referring to contained the copies of the fraudulent checks that were cashed through the highway bank account.

As highway superintendent, Pat Wood is provided with the highway financials at the beginning of every month. He receives the prior months’ bank statement, operating statement, trial balance, abstract of paid vouchers, and a treasurer’s report. In the beginning of October, he would have received the September bank statement. It is unfair to blame me for the release of information that was done in the normal course of business. In addition, every single one of these financials is available for FOIL or distribution, none of them are confidential. In the past the bank statements and other financials have even been put on the town website by the supervisor herself.

I have worked for the town of Thurman for three years, consistently conducting myself in a professional manner. I treat everyone fairly no matter what their political affiliation is. It is truly upsetting that someone would attempt to sully my name and reputation with false information in an effort to spread gossip. I did not violate any laws or codes. I was merely doing my job.

Thurman would be a much better place to live if people would just stop the nonsense.

Debra Runyon, Secretary to the Supervisor, Town of Thurman

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