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This letter is to Mr. Ken Tingley and Mr. Michael Goot. So, I've decided to give you and The Post-Star a second chance. Your recent stories have shown an improvement. At this time I will not be canceling my subscription! I would have never believed you would have printed my last letter. I was shocked to see it in print.

Now in the past when you have printed a piece criticizing your bias, you pointed out that you would like to be shown where and when, so in my last letter I included just that. So I have learned from you, and in this case, you were well aware of my viewpoint and how I came to my conclusion.

I do not expect for us to agree on every issue, my hope is that you would possibly print stories that show less bias on your part. One way would be to lean a little closer to the middle of the aisle. Here in Thurman, we have a divide. When your paper prints a story without impute from both sides, it makes for bad feelings. Many people here have stated this to me.

I feel that a little deeper digging will uncover the information that will help you print a better picture for the people here in Thurman to see. Then everyone will see the deception that your paper, the people of Thurman, and I have been fed over the years.

Perhaps with this approach, some of your lost subscribers will find their way back to you. We have one board member here that you quote very often and many say "her words are not worth the cost of the ink!"

I will be in touch!

Thank you.

Keith L. Parent Sr., Athol/Thurman

Editor’s note: Accuracy is paramount in all stories that we print. We would never publish a story if we believed there was bias — intentionally misrepresenting facts — in any story. That is our standard and it will continue to be our standard.

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