Letter to the editor: Thoughts about Trump and Bible

Letter to the editor: Thoughts about Trump and Bible



I was curious to see what passage Trump might choose as he brandished the Bible in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church two weeks ago. Might it be Jesus’ admonition against always rushing to grab the best place for oneself? But then I remembered how he roughly shouldered the Montenegro Prime Minister aside in order to put himself front and center in a world leaders’ group photo. Or, how he forced the nonagenarian Queen of England to sidestep onto uneven ground as he abruptly stopped, blocking her forward movement.

What about the son who assured his Father he would perform the necessary task he promised but then did not? So, where are all the Walmart COVID-19 testing spots Trump promised? Assess this man’s commitment to the “least.” Can anyone offer an example of when Donald Trump took it upon his soul to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless (throwing paper towels notwithstanding), extend mercy to prison populations and offer comfort to strangers in our new land?

How can you remove the speck from your brother’s eye when, all the while, there’s a gleaming Muscovite Trump tower in your own eye? This past February, Rev. Arthur Brooks offered a heartfelt talk at a Congressional Prayer Breakfast about love, forgiveness, faithfulness and affirming others — strong tenets of all major religions. Trump took to the podium and boorishly proclaimed that all wrong. 

As a Quaker-Baptist-Methodist who went to Jewish summer camp, I ask “Breathe on me breath of God” for “I just can’t breathe.”

Cindy Whitman, Glens Falls


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