Letter to the editor: This will be year that our world stopped

Letter to the editor: This will be year that our world stopped



The year 2020 is going to go down as one of the most significant in American history. Sadly, I think it is going to go down as the year we watched our world stop.

The lockdown that we are under, will it be remembered as what saved us, or what helped cause the end of so many businesses, drove those with mental health issues further away, and caused our children irreparable harm?

Will we remember that 2020 turned our nursing homes for our most vulnerable citizens into isolation wards by gubernatorial decree with tragic results or will it be said it was for the greater good?

Will it be for the greater good that our children lost so much of their lives, already under stress in these trying times, when their schools closed, followed by parks, camps and any form of outside recreation that wasn't strictly dictated without fear of perhaps seeing their parents cited or in some places, even arrested?

One has to wonder the mental anguish being placed on kids, who can't even hang out with their friends, those who have earned the honor of graduation have lost that as well, while our leaders speak of flattening curves and set arbitrary dates that keep being moved further and further away, dashing any hopes that even the summer months may be saved.

All we can do is look at our kids and say that it is for their own good, but how good is it really keeping children locked up while in some cities inmates are set free?

How many businesses that are now closed will be able to come back from all this and with the massive debt we all may face, who will want to?

The year 2020, the year our world and our lives stopped.

David LaPell, Pottersville


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