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Elise Stefanik loves to tout her many votes to ease “burdensome regulations.” But what are “burdensome regulations” and whom do they affect? A little research finds that it’s me, and you, our children and grandchildren.

Elise Stefanik voted to ease regulations that allow the dumping of toxic coal waste into our streams. Now, we’re told that radiation is good for us. We’ve heard so much about acid rain and its devastation to the Adirondacks, again, a bit of research reveals coal fired plants in the Midwest also spew mercury and cadmium, to name a few. Will she vote to relax those “burdensome regulations?” Coal is king regardless of what it does to our kingdom.

Chlorpyrifos was banned in 2000 citing a risk to children. Studies from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, the University of California-Davis and Columbia University have found strong evidence that even low doses of chlorpyrifos inhibit kids’ brain development, even in the womb, with effects ranging from lower IQ to higher rates of autism. Dow and the other chemical PACs are lobbying to lift the ban with the help of our elected leaders. I guess one doesn’t worry about that sort of thing when one lives in Washington, D.C.

Remember the 2008 financial meltdown? As a result, Dodd-Frank became law. Thanks to the big bank fat cats, our congresswoman eased those “burdensome regulations.” Main Street lost homes and 401Ks. Big banks are back to business as usual. Feeling sold out yet?

Let’s send a strong message to Congresswoman Stefanik that our health and well-being come first, not the D.C. lobbyists. On Tuesday, Nov. 6, vote like your life and that of your children and grandchildren depend upon it. In fact, it does. Vote Tedra Cobb, an actual resident of the 21st Congressional district.

Bill Austin, South Glens Falls

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