Team welcomes disabled players


I am the proud grandmother of an autistic grandson, Cole Sesselman, a student at HLCS. My daughter asked Mrs. Denise Haraughty, his teacher, who has been a big part of his life, to teach him to be part of a team, get involved. Boy, did she do a great job.

She created a team like no other for Cole and his class. She created the HLCS Unified Basketball Team. I cannot express how fantastic this team is to watch and how proud I am of all of them. To see a disabled child score a basket gives you chills. If one of them cannot accomplish it the first time, they give this individual the ball until they do, even if it is for the other team. The look on this child’s face is beyond words. She taught them how to respect others with a worse disability than they have, and taught the ones with no disability to respect the ones that do.

You really have to see them perform to appreciate what this teacher has accomplished. This is done all over the world, but unless it’s your family, you are not aware it is happening. Attend one of these games. These teachers give so much to teach these children respect, joy and even disappointment so they can make it through their lives. Support these events, you will be happy you did. I want to thank HLCS to allow this program to have come to life, Mrs. Haraughty, Andrea Palmer. All the players who started at the beginning and have since graduated who made this possible, thank you from the bottom of my heart. On May 16 they play Queensbury at home at 4 p.m.; May 23 at home against Corinth; May 29 semi-finals TBD; and finals on May 31 TBD.

Pauline Smead, Hadley

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