The Republican voters in Warren County will be making a critically important decision on June 25. There are two individuals seeking the Republican majority vote for the office of Sheriff. I fully support Undersheriff Shawn Lamouree. I have known and worked closely with Shawn for many years while employed by Warren County. He is the only candidate actually qualified beyond measure to be our next sheriff. Shawn's expertise, professionalism and most importantly his tireless work ethic, are beyond reproach and invaluable to the future success of the department. For several years, Shawn has prepared the budgets for the Sheriff's Office which encompasses corrections, law enforcement and administration, totaling nearly $25 million. Having served as clerk of the Board of Supervisors for nine years, I can speak to the significance of an accurate departmental budget and the need to function within the confines of that budget. If an unanticipated fiscal need arises during the year, Shawn will search out options, and often times is able to secure grant funding in order to avoid additional expense to taxpayers. During his tenure as undersheriff, Shawn has applied for and managed grants totaling more than $700,000 per year, in excess of $4.7 million since 2012. In addition, Shawn was instrumental in establishing the school resource officer program in Warren County, developing and managing the emergency radio system upgrade and establishing the Narcan Program in Warren County. Shawn is responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the Sheriff's Office fleet of 82 vehicles and he negotiates and maintains all contracts for the department. Many are wondering why there has not been a debate scheduled between the candidates for such a high level position. I think the answer is clear. We should not try to fix something that is clearly not broken!

Joan Sady, Warrensburg

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