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Letter to the editor: Support for Trump is inexplicable

Letter to the editor: Support for Trump is inexplicable



As someone who respects our human ability to question, to think deeply and critically, I’m always shocked by our human capacity to deny what is obvious: to call the devastating wildfires, catastrophic hurricanes, flooding, droughts, warming oceans, melting glaciers, extinctions, global warming and climate change a “hoax,” the deadly COVID-19 virus spreading as “not serious.” Or Trump claiming mail-in votes fraudulent, the Democrats stealing the election, he the winner — despite all bipartisan election officials, governors, district attorneys saying it was the “most secure in American history” with no evidence of cheating.

Not conceding to what is obvious, to admit loss, Trump undercuts voting, our country, democracy; refusing to allow Biden to receive briefings and funding necessary for a smooth transition of power, more than 150 national security offices seeing this delay “as a serious risk to national security.”

Trump’s constant misinformation, his belief that he alone “knows” — science, medicine, reality — are dangerous. Those with integrity have left his administration or been threatened or fired for “disloyalty.”

What is shocking is not his totally predictable lies, narcissism, cruelty, but the silent and often verbal complicity of most of his Republican loyalists, including our representative Stefanik, not naming or restraining the danger.

Even more horrifying to me is how so many people believe his words despite all evidence, logic, reason. Trump may feel himself chosen by God or that he is God, but how could so many “good people” believe him, support him, collaborate? Look at those leading his denial: Guiliani, Alex Jones, Q Anon Greene, Roger Stone, the Patriot Boys, white supremacists, neo-Nazis...

And by what strange manipulation and propaganda did justice, equality, medical care for all, raising the minimum wage, protecting air and water, preserving earth, Black Lives Matter, wearing masks, science, biodiversity, caring, kindness ... become the “dangerous enemies.”

Bernice Mennis, West Fort Ann


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