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Letter to the editor: Stefanik, you owe voters an apology

Letter to the editor: Stefanik, you owe voters an apology



Ms. Stefanik, I hope you feel ashamed.

You allowed your career aspirations to prevail over your ethical obligations to your constituents.

You have the privilege of graduating from one of the most prestigious universities in the country. You should understand that actions have consequences.

I hope you understand that by challenging the results of a free and fair election, you contributed directly to the rioting and lawlessness that took place in our nation’s capital.

I hope you understand that you contributed when you spread lies and resorted to innuendo against your opponent in order to win an election. You contributed when you hired campaign managers who misled voters.

You contributed when you used terms such as “radical leftists” to divide people in our district, making it more difficult for us to work together to solve the many problems in our communities.

You contributed when you refused to meet face to face with constituents you disagreed with to have respectful conversations about the needs of our district. You let us down when your glib comments and non-answers brushed aside our concerns.

Ms. Stefanik, furthering your career does not justify abandoning the principles of democracy. Please go somewhere quiet and think about what you have done. You owe us an apology.

Phyllis Cavanagh, Granville


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