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Does it really matter that the North Country’s representative in Congress, Elise Stefanik, is not from the North Country? Yes, it does.

Stefanik has never truly lived in northern New York. And she doesn’t really know our struggles, because she hasn’t lived them. After prep school and Harvard, she declared her parents’ seasonal home in Willsboro to be her residence. Stefanik has used NY-21 as a launch pad for her own political career. Her connection to northern New York and its people is scant. She refuses to hold town hall meetings, preferring controlled sessions where she doesn’t have to mix with us.  She even refused to participate in this year’s election debates, where community members were able to ask the candidates about their concerns. She has insulated herself and bides her time as she prepares to leave for bigger conquests.

This is not to say that Stefanik is breaking any law by using us as her personal springboard; but is this really what we want for ourselves, our families and our neighbors? Don’t we deserve something better, someone who is committed to us and our communities rather than to her own future?

Unlike Stefanik, Tedra Cobb has grown a family, a home, a business and a life in our district. She is someone who will look out for us because she shares NY-21 with us as her home.

On Nov. 6, I hope you will join me in voting for Tedra Cobb!

Lisa Thomas, Hermon

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