Pinocchio is perplexed. Congresswoman Stefanik, his secret sister, thinks that social programs are far-left. Social means that we live in communities: families, like father Geppetto, friends and neighbors. Communities are the center of our lives. Why does Elise's brain say far-left when it thinks about taking care of our center, people? Why is it too expensive, far-left socialist, to help people? Why is it all right to help big business?

"I know why!" Pinocchio declares. "Elise cares most about money and power. She likes taking care of big business!”

Elise gets money from USB, a big Swiss bank. It cheats Holocaust survivors and waits for them to die. Then it keeps their money! It cheats other people, too. It is an equal opportunity thief! Elise gets pods of dough from Juul. They get you off cigarettes, then onto their own nicotine vapors! Elise gets cash from United Health, the biggest health care insurer and denier. Insurance companies want her to pass laws that make them more money. So, she voted in May to let them charge extra or not insure you at all if you are already ill or have a “pre-existing condition.” Sick people cost insurers money. Insurers want to make more money. Elise is glad to use her vote to help insurers make more money!

Will Pinocchio ever get insurance? He can’t afford health care without it. Who can? Elise won’t help Pinocchio. He has no money to pay her. He would never pay her anyway because that's wrong! Pinocchio knows that when Elise accepts campaign enticements, she is selling her votes.

How can she live with herself, he wonders. How can she look us in the eyes?

Catherine Fay Roberts, Schuylerville

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