On July 28, Elise Stefanik's personal Twitter account revealed that she "strongly supports the president's nomination of my colleague" Rep. John Ratcliffe to be the director of National Intelligence.

Five days later, on Friday, Aug. 2, John Ratcliffe's nomination for this important national security post was withdrawn when it was vetted, by the media, that he embellished his role in arresting immigrants (i.e., he lied about it) and also that he did not garner the trust of other colleagues because of his cockamamie conspiracy questioning of Mueller on July 24, which apparently endeared him to Trump, who has been documented desperately trying to obstruct justice in the Russia probe.

But our representative, Elise, who has been trusted with important security roles on House Intelligence and Armed Services committees, and who witnessed Ratcliffe’s bizarre questioning as a fellow member of the GOP House Intelligence committee, subsequently took up her GOP parroting and, despite not vetting her inexperienced and reckless colleague, publicly declared her support of Ratcliffe, supporting Trump's nominee "strongly."

Another congressperson, Rep. Ron Wyden of Oregon, stated "That John Ratcliffe was even nominated speaks to the deep disregard for America's national security ..." (Washington Post), yet our Elise, who holds the role of the security of our intelligence agencies and the safety of our troops in her hands, shot from the hip with blind loyalty and missed spectacularly. Elise Stefanik, you don't have a deep and independent respect for your oath, and you literally put our country in danger for your politics. My community, our intelligence personnel and our troops all deserve more thoughtful, measured and careful representation from our elected member of Congress.

Julie A. Wash, Saratoga Springs

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