In Elise Stefanik’s weekly email newsletter, she references her guest column from the Sun Community News from Aug. 17, 2019. Elise expresses concern about health care costs and offers Community Health Centers as a solution.

It sounds good on the surface, but it’s actually a hollow offer from the Republican playbook that has minimal impact in reducing costs, and does nothing about insurance coverage.

Federally-funded Community Health Centers are a source for primary care and screening. Theoretically, they can find cost savings in efficiency of care delivery.

But it is not insurance. Let’s say your screening reveals cancer. For that, you’ll need insurance. Elise joined the republican assault on Obamacare/Affordable Care Act and voted to repeal. Elise and her Republican colleagues may claim to support access to health care, but if you face a costly diagnosis, you are on your own.

Further, I have corresponded with Elise to express my support for Planned Parenthood, and to ask her to help moderate her party’s attack on women’s health care. She replies that Community Health Centers will replace the work of Planned Parenthood. No, sorry, they won’t.

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Conservatives are resolutely blind to the full scope of women’s health care. Planned Parenthood also provides pap smears, cancer screening and general medical care.

It seems that the common ground on the issue of abortion would be preventing unplanned pregnancy by teaching responsible sexuality and providing appropriate birth control. And who’s doing the most to prevent unplanned pregnancy? Planned Parenthood, of course.

Elise’s party is eager to crush a beloved and effective health care provider, which cannot be replaced by Community Health Centers anytime soon.

I shall be supporting Tedra Cobb in the next election cycle, a Democrat with a positive vision of what our democracy can achieve to serve our people.

Robert Andrews, Keene Valley

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