The guest essay from David Fontana, a university professor from Washington, D.C., was weak. Rather than a fair bipartisan review of Elise Stefanik’s record, it was just another D.C. partisan attack. Congresswoman Stefanik is one of the most transparent and independent members of Congress, posting votes on Facebook and keeping an online record you can check for yourself.

Congresswoman Stefanik has worked with both parties on many important pieces of bipartisan legislation helping veterans and military families, strengthening the economy and increasing access to higher education. Here are a few examples.

She led the bipartisan NYS delegation in saving Fort Drum where 16,000 military jobs were at risk due to sequestration. She is the only freshman negotiator on the National Defense Authorization Act, fighting hard to strengthen Fort Drum, the largest employer in this district. Elise helped pass the bipartisan Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention Veterans Act, just one example of her work for veterans. Her office works hard helping veterans recover earned benefits from the VA.

She authored the bipartisan Flexible Pell Grant Act, helping students complete a postsecondary education faster and cheaper. Her Perkins Loan legislation has been introduced in the Senate, designed to protect a program that supports more than 500,000 students.

She helped pass the 21st Century Cures Act — critical, bipartisan legislation signed into law by President Obama designed to find new cures for diseases from Alzheimer’s to Lyme. She authored the Be Open Act, signed into law by President Obama, fixing a major problem with Obamacare by repealing the “auto-enrollment mandate” that reduced patient choices and hit people with unwarranted tax penalties.

It goes without saying there is much work to do, but let’s not misrepresent the good work that has already been done by one of the most independent members of Congress.

Mark Westcott, Queensbury

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