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Today (Aug. 7) in a Facebook post, Elise Stefanik made several claims about her opponent that are clear distortions of fact.

Never mind that Ms. Stefanik is now resorting to infantile name-calling; she’s also making claims about her opponent that are blatantly untrue. Ms. Stefanik said that, “As a St. Lawrence County Legislator, Taxin’ Tedra Cobb voted 20 times to increase your taxes all while bankrupting the county.” Fact: The bills in question, as Tedra Cobb has reiterated time and again, were bipartisan bills, the focus of which was local control — something Republicans usually like. And bankrupting the county? What on earth? I just got off the phone with the St. Lawrence County treasurer’s office which confirmed that St. Lawrence County was never bankrupt, neither during nor since Ms. Cobb’s tenure in the Legislature. Not even close.

Ms. Stefanik went on to say, “When Taxin’ Tedra was secretly caught supporting banning guns, she confessed that admitting that in public would destroy her campaign.” Fact: Tedra Cobb did no such thing. She said neither that she supported “banning guns” nor that “admitting that in public would destroy her campaign.” This is pure deceit on Elise’s part.

I have listened to, and transcribed, every word of the video Elise keeps going on about. Fact: Tedra Cobb was not "caught supporting banning guns." She said she thought assault weapons should be banned — referring to a very specific type of weapon used over and over again to mow down innocent children. Nor did she "confess that admitting this in public would destroy her campaign.” In conversation with two young teens they discussed how she “can’t say that” because, in the words of one of the teens, “they spin your words so much.”

With this post, Elise Stefanik has proven that teen right.

Dana Stimpson, Glens Falls