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Letter to the editor: Stefanik not even 'quarter-partisan'

Letter to the editor: Stefanik not even 'quarter-partisan'

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Stefanik not even ‘quarter-partisan’


The current congresswoman of NY-21 tries to sell the position that she is bipartisan. Over her career she has voted in line with Trump’s position 78.5% of the time. That’s not even “quarter-partisan.” See her votes at the following site:

Joe Gerardi,


No transparency on Moreau board


The town of Queensbury seems to be a frequent target of The Post-Star’s ire, Moreau’s Town Board under Supervisor Kusnierz’ tenure consistently gets a pass.

With the resignation of their councilperson, the town of Queensbury announced the vacancy, announced a question-and-answer period by constituents to the candidates, and posted the candidates Q&A session on the town’s website, appointed a candidate to fill the vacancy until the voters choose their representative in November.

How did the Moreau Town Board handle a resignation?

Councilwoman Gina LeClair resigned her position on the Town Board effective Aug. 11, 2020. Ms. LeClair waited until after the cut-off date of August 3, 2020, when any other interested candidate, with the endorsement of their respective party, could be placed on the ballot to run for the open seat in November. In other words, the Town Board was able to avoid an election in November to fill the open seat by the timing of Ms. LeClair’s resignation.

The Moreau Town Board agenda, posted on the town’s website (as required by law) had no such resolution accepting Ms. LeClair’s resignation or for the appointing of Mr. Van Tassel to fill the vacated seat. Immediately after accepting her resignation, a resolution was brought to the floor to appoint Mr. Van Tassel to fill the vacancy. There was little interest in seeking other interested candidates. Illegal no, transparency, no! Coincidence or coordinated effort? Backroom deal? Moreau citizens need to decide!

Mary Jenkins,

South Glens Falls

Tedra Cobb will serve the region


Elise, who do you really serve?

As the saying goes, money talks. When it comes to health care coverage for average Americans or rewarding the folks that fund Stefanik’s election campaign, the proof is clear:

Having received approximately $200,000 from Big Pharm and health insurance companies, Stefanik’s voting record clearly reflects her true loyalties:

  • 2012: as chair for the Republican Platform Committee she wrote her party’s policy to turn Medicare into a voucher program;
  • 2015: voted to turn Medicare into a voucher program;
  • 2017: voted to cut Medicare, raise the eligibility age to 67, and make it a voucher program;
  • 2018: voted to cut Medicare;
  • 2019: voted against protecting people with pre-existing medical conditions;
  • Elise repeatedly voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act. 64,000 people in our district would have lost their health care.

Tedra Cobb has spent 30 years helping her North Country neighbors: starting an agency which expanded health care access to thousands, as county legislator passed a law to lower drug prices, served as an HIV educator. Tedra accepts no funds from large corporations and supports campaign finance reform.

Elect Tedra Cobb — she will serve us, the people of District 21.

Judy Beers,

Lake George

Looking for better leaders at election


There is a picture in the media of Elise Stefanik sitting closely together with her Republican cohorts in Tulsa — none wearing masks. That Trump rally was on June 20, 2020.

COVID-19 has changed everything. A leader is someone who doesn’t behave recklessly. She or he listens to science, to reason, and who learns from the experiences of other countries. The president touts about what a great job he has done in handling this virus. How could this be true? The evidence of his mishandling of this pandemic in our country is overwhelming. A thousand Americans die daily from COVID-19 and millions are unemployed. It didn’t have to be as bad as this.

A virus finds a host to replicate itself. It is apolitical and deadly. It is our enemy.

If our only weapons to date to combat COVID-19 are hand washing, social distancing, wearing masks, testing and contact tracing, why aren’t we all participating? These safety measures proved to help in New York City and in countries around the world.

Here is another picture: a tragic picture of body bags being loaded into refrigerated trucks in New York City in March of 2020. So what were they doing having a political rally in June? Did they have no sense of the catastrophe engulfing the world? Were they blind to the pain in this country? Or were they just willingly irresponsible?

We have an election coming up, perhaps our only way out of this ineptitude. I want leaders who have common sense and, yes, the guts, to think long range, and who honor their commitments to the very people they represent. I will not be voting for either Trump or Stefanik.

Kathryn Hull,

Lake George


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