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Just one day after the midterm election, President Trump has pointed our nation toward a possible constitutional crisis by firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions. I call on Rep. Elise Stefanik to put up or resign and go home. Back in March Elise said, “I believe that it is clear that Russians were intent to interfere in our 2016 election process” ... “which is why I will continue to be an outspoken supporter of the Mueller investigation, which I believe is best equipped and our best hope to get to the apolitical truth.”

Trump’s firing of Sessions yesterday, in the shadow of losing the House, is a clear attempt of putting a loyalist and critic of the Mueller investigation (Matthew Whitaker) in a position to obstruct justice and end, if not irreparably hobble, this crucial investigation. To avoid this constitutional crisis and uphold her oath to protect America, I highly urge Rep. Stefanik, in all due haste, to follow through with her public position and promises by publicly joining with her Senate and House colleagues in support of bipartisan legislation S.2644 - Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act to protect this investigation.

It has been this constituent’s observation in the past that Rep. Stefanik has a habit of making public statements and then does not follow through when it counts, i.e. the time when Rep. Stefanik publicly called on Scott Pruitt to resign then later reneged on that promise, refusing to sign a resolution asking for said resignation. Let’s hope this time she will honor her position.

Michael LaCroix, constituent NY CD-21, Eagle Bridge

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