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Letter to the editor: Stefanik has sold out to Trump

Letter to the editor: Stefanik has sold out to Trump



At the most critical moment when we needed fortitude and an independent voice from our Congress member, Elise Stefanik instead feathered her own bed and preserved her political future.

We learn as schoolchildren that the U.S. Constitution’s “balance of power” among the three branches of government — executive, legislative and judicial — are the essential means for preventing the abuse of power, especially by the president. The founders, after having dealt with a king, were very concerned about a president abusing the massive powers of the office. The president could be above the law except for the limited ability of Congress and the courts to do something about it.

When the time came recently for Congress to put a check on the dangerous abuse of the office of the presidency and protect the county from interference in our elections by a malign foreign power, our congresswoman shirked this essential responsibility and even became a cheerleader for the abuser.

If you continue to be a Trump supporter — if this is America “made great” in your judgment, this letter is not for you. However, if you are concerned about Trump’s abuse of the office, his failure to lead on the pandemic, his lies and instability, please, get out and vote out Stefanik as well. It is by and through such sell-out, self-serving followers that abuse of power is encouraged and despots are created.

Michael P. White, Glens Falls


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