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Letter to the Editor: Stefanik fully aligned with Republicans

Letter to the Editor: Stefanik fully aligned with Republicans



Elise Stefanik has voted to strike down the Affordable Care Act and defund Planned Parenthood. Her disregard for protecting our environment, or the deception she engaged in when she was allowed to vote against Trump’s Tax cuts in exchange for whipping the votes for its passing, a bill that benefited corporations and the 1%, her donors, not her constituents, or her numerous other assaults against labor, education and our financial and investment protections are available for anyone with a bit of curiosity to see by visiting the “Tracking the United States Congress” website. For her fans, the truth may be painful.

She’s been fully aligned with Republican talking points; even moderate Democrats are dubbed “Socialists,” and now, she won’t have Twitter ads for spreading blatant lies. That’s a good thing!

She’s cozy in the embrace of the president, promoting his agenda of deconstruction, making excuses for his aberrant behavior, shouting foul because impeachment hearings were behind closed doors, failing to acknowledge she and 47 other Republicans on the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees were present during these testimonies, had they wanted to be, and the closed-door hearings conducted exactly as were the Republican-led Benghazi hearings. Stefanik has the transparency she called for. The transcripts were released, and testimony will be televised. Can she continue to defend the corrupt President and his minions’ attempt to extort Ukraine to find dirt on his political opponent? Since when has corruption been quantified in acceptable amounts? Just a little corrupt? Is she turning away from the facts for political expediency? No doubt, Stefanik has plans for after she leaves office. Perhaps a high-paying job as a lobbyist? When this episode in testing the strength of our constitution has passed, will she be standing on the right side of history or have a reputation as a self-serving political hack?

Agata Stanford, Glens Falls


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