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I have seen Elise Stefanik’s Taxin’ Tedra ad. It is her opening salvo in the campaign for NY District 21 Representative. The Taxin' Tedra ad is right out of the Donald Trump playbook. Demeaning. Misleading. Crude. Ms. Stefanik is the incumbent, has the experience and has the bankroll. It should be an easy win. Why does she run this ad rather than stand on her own merit? Two reasons. First, she is afraid. Second, she is loyal to Donald Trump. She admires him. With this ad, Ms. Stefanik has joined herself hand-in-hand with her leader. She has wed herself with Donald Trump. Politically, she has become Mrs. Elise Stefanik-Trump. The reality is that a vote for Mrs. Stefanik-Trump is a vote for Trump and his policies.

Voters, you have a choice this November. To remake America in the image of Donald Trump or to keep America true to our founders’ values.

If you believe that America should use our tax system to make the rich richer while running up debts that our children and grandchildren will have to pay with their taxes, then certainly vote for Mrs. Stefanik-Trump. If you believe that health care should not be affordable for American citizens, then vote for Mrs. Stefanik-Trump. If you believe that coal is the future of the world’s energy needs and that humans don’t influence climate change, then vote for Mrs. Stefanik-Trump. If you believe that the poor, the disadvantaged, and immigrants have no place in our society, then vote for Mrs. Stefanik-Trump. If you believe that being cruel, demeaning, vulgar and mean will make America great, then vote for Mrs. Stefanik-Trump.

However! If you believe that the principles and values on which our nation was founded are what makes America great, vote. But don’t vote for Mrs. Stefanik-Trump.

Bob Mungas, Cambridge