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Public officials do not always make the right decisions!

How well I know first-hand. Most of the time, even your best judgment comes back to bite you in a very unsuspecting way. That’s my take on the storage of used rail cars by the Saratoga-North Creek Railroad.

A tourist train traveling through some of the area’s most scenic vistas, supporting the hamlets of North Creek, Hadley and Corinth, probably seemed like a great investment in our tourist industry. Who would have predicted the necessity to create a “junkyard” in the midst of our great Adirondack Park?

It’s happening now and several groups are attempting, rightly so, to stop it from occurring. The fact that the cars cannot be seen is of no consequence. Call them rail cars or tankers, sing a song about them, doing it legally makes little difference, it’s a “junkyard.”

They will never be used again! They will deteriorate, rust, corrode and will be there long after the railroad leaves in four years at the end of their lease. Can you imagine their lease being renewed after this breakdown in the respect they have for our beautiful Adirondacks? And the cars will still be there. Who will then pay for removal?

An everlasting man-made barrier stretching for miles in the wilderness. Hunters and hikers can crawl between the cars but wildlife will have to detour.

So, don’t criticize the supervisors who voted for the railroad, join them and the governor, Adirondack Council, Association of Towns and Villages, Warren and Essex counties and the APA in finding a way to remove them now legally. Otherwise, our magnificent Adirondack Park will have been blemished forever by the greatest invasive species of all — man!

Mayor Robert Blais, Lake George