Complaining is an everyday norm for just about everybody walking this good Earth. And so often it is so deserved. But the complaints I find so hard to accept are those of the people in favor of deceitful abortion. Our choice of words in this English language is so deceptive. In this case the intent is to veil the true meaning, cloaking it in a shrewd phrase, a woman’s right to her own body. What does that mean, what are we really talking about? How dare we deny any woman the right to make a decision about her own body? Yet, talking about deception, why is it we call one side the right to lifers, but never call the other side the right to deathers, isn’t that odd?

As a man I wouldn’t dare deny any woman her rights? But how can I accept a woman can obliterate the very life she carries? Isn’t that murder? Oh I see. Inside the body it’s nothing, only outside is murder. I often think of a congressman long replaced in California who provided Sen. Barbara Boxer, champion of women’s rights, with a jar of an aborted fetus. Hideous isn’t it? Oh really? Isn’t that what she and so many others approve of? Maybe it would give someone pause?

Daily I drive down Bay Road past Planned Parenthood. God bless the street scene. I’ve heard a fair share of people put these people down, after all, aren’t they challenging a woman’s right? No they aren’t, all they do is pray for life. I have three beautiful adopted grandchildren. As I pass by, I acknowledge them with a beep and pray my own prayer. What a shame so many attendees are elderly. It goes to show, age breeds wisdom.

Gene Casella, Queensbury

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