Letter to the editor: Sexism called out when convenient

Letter to the editor: Sexism called out when convenient



Elise Stefanik claims "sexist" behavior because Lt. Col. Vindman's lawyer, Mr. Volkov, asked her to identify herself when she breaks into questioning (p. 89 of the transcript) without being recognized in a House Intel impeachment inquiry deposition.

Well, well, well. Our third-term congresswoman is personally insulted by being an unknown in D.C. legal circles, but sees no sexism in fundraising using Trump's brand, who just earlier this week appeared in Louisiana at a taxpayer-funded rally where GOP Sen. John Kennedy referred to the first female speaker of the house as "dumb." Trump stood at his side and laughed. Is this not sexism? Did Elise speak up in defense of her esteemed colleague? 

What about when Trump asked Megyn Kelly of Fox News if she had "blood coming out of her wherever?" What about when Trump referred to Elise's colleague Maxine Waters as "low IQ?" What about when Trump called Stormy Daniels, a woman with whom he had consensual sex, "horse face?" And when Trump called Omarosa Manigault, his former White House employee "that dog?" To parody an old philosophical ditty (I know Elise likes parody), "If a supposed sexist insult falls in an Adirondack forest and it doesn't appear to apply to Elise, does it make a sound?"

As a woman, I feel Ms. Stefanik's pain and hope her sad sexist situation is rectified: may Rep. Elise Stefanik become well-recognized in perpetuity by every single impeachment lawyer in DC for her party-line defense of Trump, and may her hypocritical and sexist Trump-brand fundraising be recorded for posterity. 

Julie A. Wash, Saratoga Springs


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