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On Aug. 27, owners of 86 parcels of land on a portion of Route 9 in the town of Moreau have an opportunity to vote on a “Resolution establishing extension No. 5 of Sewer District No. 1 within the town of Moreau.” We at the Adirondack Regional Chambers of Commerce believe a “yes” vote will encourage job growth, in the long term lower taxes and address vital environmental concerns.

The proposed sewer district on a section of Route 9 in Moreau will encourage businesses to grow in this area, both current owners and new owners, in turn providing more jobs for our region and lower tax rates for the residents of the town of Moreau. Concentrating businesses in an established commercial area is smart planning and good stewardship by the town of Moreau leadership.

The quality of the town’s water table would also be maintained with this sewer line implementation. This portion of Moreau has sandy soil and it is harder for wastewater to be filtered prior to being reintroduced into the water table. A sewer pipe laid in this densely populated use area would address water quality concerns, especially as Department of Health regulations continue to become stricter.

We are pleased with the transparency by Moreau Town Supervisor Todd Kusnierz and the Town Council regarding this proposal. Several open Town Board meetings were held to hear from residents of the area. The town of Moreau website has a listing of costs, maps, bond resolution, SEQRA resolution, how to vote, who can vote, and more. 

In the eyes of the Adirondack Regional Chambers of Commerce, more jobs, maintaining water quality in the town, transparency by town leaders and long-term lower taxes add up to a “yes” vote for us on Aug. 27. We hope it does for you too.

Michael Bittel, ARCC President/CEO, Glens Falls