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Letter to the editor: Sad to see sheriff promote recklessness

Letter to the editor: Sad to see sheriff promote recklessness



How sad to read that a local elected sheriff has advised constituents to invite as many people for Thanksgiving celebrations as they want, despite the governor’s 10-person limit.

Has he forgotten the March through July sweep of the pandemic through New York state and the damage to the local economy, necessitated in order to stop the epidemic? How hospitals have been overwhelmed? Has he forgotten that New York state experienced more than 26,000 deaths in that time? Has he not taken notice that large gatherings create more infected people and make it difficult to trace the course of the disease through the country, the state, the county or the village?

Does he realize that this pandemic recognizes no age barrier to who will get COVID-19? Small children have suffered multiple organ inflammation. Teenagers are getting this disease. Young, middle-aged, the elderly get this disease. The duration of suffering and the outcome for any individual is unpredictable, but the more severe the case, the likelier the long-term damage to their system and the increased probability that they will die.

All of this at a time when the Trump administration has brought suit in U.S. Supreme Court to demolish the Affordable Care Act that covers more than 65,000 people in the North Country.

Perhaps the Washington County sheriff has not accounted for the fact that permanent immunity is not proven. Furthermore, viruses such as COVID-19 mutate, so any vaccine created may not guarantee full, long-term immunity.

In the end, the most frightening outcome from the perspective of those who have politicized mask-wearing, social-distancing, limited gatherings is this: ultimately the revisiting of shutting down the economy and mandating enforcement of these three keys to stopping the spread of the disease.

Carol L. Clark, Warrensburg


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