These days, I wonder what it would be like to live in a community where people with contrasting political opinions could voice their concerns and grievances without peril.

I am witnessing the rise of violent rhetoric from Trump supporters against those of us who oppose the policies of the president. Their intent is to silence us through fear and physical intimidation. Such is the shifting climate in our beautiful “”Hometown USA” and its surrounding townships.

We’re not hostile against people who voted for Trump. We speak against Trump’s agenda. We lobby Elise Stefanik to put the brakes on Trump’s “government deconstruction” by placing principle over party and people over special interests by not voting to abolish established environmental protections, consumer and financial regulations, bills weakening labor unions and Republican attempts to abolish health care. Stefanik has consistently failed us by stripping protections for her constituents and marching lock-step with the president to benefit corporations and polluting industries. Trump supporters are mad because we don’t like his policies, that we take issue with his divisive rhetoric, and that we want common-sense gun control. They’re worried we’ll take away their guns. If they own military assault weapons, we’re for it, because many of us are now being personally targeted as “the enemy.” Let’s not forget we are one people trying to create a more perfect Union: America thrives on diversity. Remember, I’m your neighbor; your aged mother’s caregiver; I hold the door for you at Stewart’s. I worship with you in church.

Must I worry about my safety? I wonder, are you the man who mows my lawn? Are you the tow truck driver I call one stormy night when my car breaks down? The emergency room nurse? My auto mechanic? A 911 responder? A police officer? Am I safe around you?

Agata Stanford, Glens Falls

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