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We have already “forgotten” about journalist Khashoggi’s brutal murder. After all, it was so long ago, and really, he didn’t look like “us.” Besides, the Saudi crown prince and our crown prince (Jared) are good buddies. Just think of those business deals now and in the future. C’mon, our CIA intelligence vs. the trusted word of MbS? And so we move on.

After speaking to authoritarian Erdogan of Turkey, the president decided to pull our troops out of Syria, declaring victory. This caused widespread condemnation from the Republicans, Democrats, the Pentagon and national security. Secretary Mattis resigned in protest, leaving a huge hole in our national security. After receiving a resounding backlash from the NSC and our foreign allies, the president reversed himself and said he never said what he publicly said three weeks earlier. And so we have foreign policy orchestrated by foreign dictators on the fly. And to top it off, Lindsey Graham applauds the president’s “re-evaluation,” and John Bolton, no less, has to reassure the world!

I guess Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter (domestic advisers?) scared President Trump into shutting down the government over the “wall.” The president constantly lies in order to stoke fear of the “invasion”; moreover, his subordinates (including VP Pence) knowingly lie to cover. Over the weekend, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace blasted Sarah Sanders for lying about the invading suspected terrorists at our southern border. Continual lying supports a nonexistent crisis. 

And so the chaotic insanity accelerates, and most responsible Republicans know it. They know the president is totally unfit. Therefore, my plea is to Republicans, especially my representative, Elise Stefanik. You need not compromise principles. Start by forcefully challenging the lies and rebuking the abuse of power. Show courage, show character and be a hero.

David Bunn, South Glens Falls

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