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As a Glens Falls resident, I am shocked by NY-21 congressional candidate Dylan Ratigan, who is ferociously anti-labor union and has an attitude and worldview that should disqualify him from representing us in Congress. But what’s worse, Ratigan — a carpetbagger sleeping on his mother’s couch — is a lewd, self-centered candidate whose values stand in complete opposition to the spirit of our region.

Let’s start with examining Ratigan’s views on labor unions. In June 2010 on MSNBC, Ratigan criticized “unionized, tenured teachers” saying they “may not actually be the best qualified or the highest motivated individuals to teach.” In January 2010, Ratigan said that labor unions and teacher tenure “effectively allows bad teachers to stay teaching and makes it more difficult to get good teachers in.”

More offensive is the broader extremely elitist, self-centered narrative that he has of the world. Calling Americans “too dumb for news” and instructing views of his TV program to “Just take care of yourself, hell with everybody else.” In March 2011, Ratigan said on TV “I don’t care” about proposals abolishing the EPA, ending Pell grants, and defunding NPR. He even praised efforts to abolish the Department of Education.

I question whether Ratigan — who has never previously voted in an election — is even a Democrat. Ratigan is a frequent and vocal critic of the Affordable Care Act that extended coverage to millions, saying: “Obamacare did make things too expensive” and “ACA was a bad policy.” Ratigan also relentlessly attacked Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election, calling her “what’s wrong with this society” and claiming, without evidence, that “she’s clearly been accepting implicit bribes to her foundation.”

Our region is facing serious challenges on jobs, health care, infrastructure and climate change. We don’t need to add another problem by electing Dylan Ratigan.

Sean Palladino, Glens Falls