I read with interest the letter from Sara Idleman in the Saturday, April 6 paper regarding Amtrak service. Washington County does indeed have two railroad stations while Warren County has none. There is one in Fort Edward, which was restored a number of years ago by taxpayer money; at present, there is no pay phone, no waiting room, and no toilet facilities. It is also privately owned, and it is difficult to find the tax assessment on this real estate.

The other is in Whitehall, on a platform, next to the American Legion Hall on Main Street. Visitors to the two villages are met by economic degradation. Granted, Washington County has all the activities that Ms. Idleman mentioned in her letter, but first impressions to visitors do make a lasting memory. 

It does not take a marketing firm to attract tourists; simply put yourself in that situation. It would be nice to be greeted at the railroad station with a clean rest room, warm waiting room, access to a pay phone (not everyone has a cellphone), a taxi stand, and a person who has knowledge of what Washington County has to offer.

Paul Donaldson, Hartford

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