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The confusion at the Town Board goes back to the registry of Republican and Democrat. By definition, a Republican is one who is for minimum government, free markets, individual responsibility and hard work. A Democrat looks for man-made economic solutions, takes a tax-and-spend approach. 

Under that scenario of accountability, it is difficult to imagine what four Democrats are doing in a largely conservative town. The standards have been loosened to sink to a popularity contest where any board member goes off and does whatever he wants, with little connection to his party duty and at taxpayer expense. He puts on a smile and a Democrat T-shirt and goes out and slaps backs and shakes hands. That's it.  

The Republicans haven't had true leadership in some time, to wit: Hal Bain. The poor guy is wheeled out as someone who is going to fix Ridge Road Car Care when he has absolutely no skills to do it or how to begin.   

Demand new leadership and accountability, for it will be needed in Queensbury when the state puts more and more burden on the counties. 

John D. Buecking, Jerome, Arizona, formerly of Queensbury