So again, our President Donald J. Trump is spot-on correct. He closed the government and stayed in the Capitol to try persuading the Democrats, the party quaking in their boots, to protect the American people against illegal (that means against our laws!) aliens, (no not those from outer space) sellers of women and children, drug dealers, that murder our children, criminals and murderers from other countries.

This is the president's job, to protect our lands from those sent here by such villainous lowlifes as Soros, and the cartels that try to undermine and harm us.

Our President Donald J. Trump also pulled us out of Syria, a country of terrorists and murderers that should take up the fight themselves as we did over 200 years ago. Why should we shed the blood of American boys and girls for them? Same goes for Afghanistan, sand, desert and heat, savages that hate us; means nothing to me.

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I did, however, notice though, and this paper would never think to mention the fact that America has taken revenge on those cowardly terrorists that had, a long time ago, brought down one of our Black Hawks. Others have forgotten, but not Mister Trump. Thank you also, President Trump, for bringing the bodies of our forgotten dead from South Korea.

So while the "politicians" of our country fly home on their "much needed" vacations, our President Donald J. Trump works and worries about the people of the USA; couldn't have elected a better man.

John E. Siebrecht, Queensbury

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