I just read the article in The Post-Star about the Pow Wow recently held at the Moreau Rec Park. The town board heard from town employees about what went on at the park, the parking on the fields with sprinkler system, parking on ball fields, the number of campers that were not participants, the overuse of electricity, the plumbing being clogged, and town board members seemed to be surprised about that.

Many, many years ago, there were complaints to the town board about the overuse of alcohol. Participants using the bathroom and leaving "piles" of feces on the floors in the bathroom and around it. The fact that no one actually follows the rule. This time it's in writing, so the town can force the organizers to follow the rules. Wake up. Why do you think the Pow Wow is held at Moreau Rec Park every year? The fees are nominal, its free camping with the use of electricity, they pretty much have the run of the park, no one supervises the alcohol that may be consumed or the smoking and they pretty much don't have to follow the rules. And if I'm not mistaken, most of the participants, vendors and dancers, are not residents of the town of Moreau. Well, the children who play in South Glens Falls Youth Baseball and Softball are residents of the town, their parents are residents of the town and most of the children, their grandparents are residents of the town. As a taxpayer, I say let the Pow Wow organizers go somewhere else and try to do there what they do at our park. I don't like seeing the park get abused, and well, I think that's been happening with that group.

Loni Hubinsky, Gansevoort

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