I was appreciative of Kevin Robbins and others' responses to Carl Thomas' last letter. I think we're seeing an example of Christian fanaticism mixing with Conservative news. Carl appears to be watching Fox News. No good can come of this. 

Since the Iraq War I've been nervous about having devout Christians making decisions about war policy. A Christian pal of mine defended the invasion by trying to explain that there's something in Scriptures that lays out the path to taking Jerusalem – to where I don't know – must go through modern Iraq so this war is the logical strategy. My response was unprintable. It scares me that these powerful guys might actually encourage the war of wars as depicted in the Bible. Politics and religion, like my family and alcohol, just don't mix.

My problem with Carl is that he believes everything, including Trump, is God's will. This explains his last letter in which he decried opposition to Trump as treason. Whatever horrible thing Trump does or says, it's cool by Carl because it's God's will. Ouch! He's obviously new to the right wing commentary game and, as I said, no good can come from this but hopefully no harm will come either.

I tell myself we suffered the Civil War, two world wars, the Great Depression, Vietnam, Nixon and Watergate, Reagan, George W. and the subsequent financial crises, and more and we made it! We'll get through Trump somehow, but it would be easier if he's a one-termed. Now there's something to pray for!

Lastly, not that anyone asked, I'll say I'm agnostic but only because I'm not decisive enough to say that I'm an atheist.

Best to all.

Al Scoonzarielli, Moreau, the Land of Milk and Honey

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