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The Post-Star tells us it is unbiased and above board. Yet, in perhaps an unwitting attempt to slant opinion toward Tedra Cobb and against Elise Stefanik, it has now come up with an “I will not lie” pledge for both of them to take. Such a stunt is shallow and makes “fake news” claims more credible. Here is what I mean: “I promise never to lie.” Anyone who makes such a promise is implying that they might lie otherwise. It may even mean they are lying right now. 

So how do we know who is good and who is bad? Time is the measure of character. A liar reveals him or herself over time. The pledge, therefore, has no substance to it, and as such is outside the bounds of journalism. By not lowering herself, Elise Stefanik is made to appear to be a liar without supporting material facts. Is this The Post-Star’s new way to judge people? Gossip has more logic to it.

Of course newcomer Tedra Cobb has taken the pledge. What a surprise. She wants to look good. While she was at it, she should have sworn to say her prayers every night and to be a good American?

The Post-Star’s job is to report the facts and the fancy explanations. And it is our job, the voters, to figure out what and whom to trust, not yours. You do what you are supposed to do, and leave it to us to do what we have always done for the past two hundred years. 

And while I think it is nothing but foolishness and demeaning, please take your pledge. What is good for politicians is also good for you. We’ll then see how you like it.

Jim “Never Lied Once” Brock, Retired Glens Falls Politician

Editor’s Note: The Post-Star’s editorial board of four employees and three citizen representatives called on congressional candidates Elise Stefanik and Tedra Cobb to commit to one principle in their campaigns in a July 1 editorial. The editorial wrote: “We ask them not to lie.” The editorial board does not believe making that request favored one candidate over another.