Letter to the editor: Paper reports what is happening

Letter to the editor: Paper reports what is happening



This letter is in response to a letter from Thomas S. Dockery, and actually many other letters written to The Post-Star, accusing the paper of being biased.

So, apparently, if The Post-Star wrote articles that only flatter people, and give excuses for bad behavior, that would be OK for, as Mr. Dockery put it, this "conservative region."

So let's say for instance that a man robs a bank, and in the process he shoots a guard. Would you prefer that The Post-Star prints a story that says, “The robber shot a guard, but he really didn't mean to do it, and he's sorry?” Would that be more to a “conservative's” liking?

Try this instead, write to your congressional representative and even the White House and tell them to stop giving the press such bad examples. Start acting like mature adults when you are out in public!

The Post-Star prints the news, good or bad. Do I always agree with everything I read? No, but it is what is out there. The truth isn't always pleasant, but it is a part of life.

June Woodard, Queensbury


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