Letter to the editor: Our country needs drastic changes

Letter to the editor: Our country needs drastic changes



The time has come for drastic changes in our government. The people of our country have to make these changes when they vote. The infighting going on all the time between both parties has to stop. We should all be ashamed of ourselves to let this continue.

The way to stop it is when election time is here. Let’s get the right people in office that are wise, smart, that love the United States of America and its people.

I think it’s our fault for not voting the right people to run our country. This goes for both sides. The question is: who are the good people to run our country? It’s up to the voting public to get smart and ask all of our leaders in our government what they are planning for our country and can they get along with the other party.

It won’t be easy, but it has to be done now, not later. Let the folks running state to us what are they going to do for our country. Let’s vote the right way. We have to.

Sid Gordon, Saratoga


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