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Letter to the editor: Other countries have mass shootings, too

Letter to the editor: Other countries have mass shootings, too



Mr. Casella in his latest letter to the editor asked to name other countries with mass murders or shootings like the United States — France, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Russia, Bosnia, Serbia, India, Nigeria, Philippines, Azerbaijan, Brazil and Israel.

The United States is 66 on a per capita basis. Not the best number, but far from what the media and Mr. Casella would like you to believe.

Norway has the highest death rate, 1.888. The U.S. at number eleven is at 0.089 (per capita). Now in all fairness, Norway does have the lowest violent crime rate in the world. Maybe Mr. Casella and other citizens could explain that?

Switzerland requires all males over 18 to have a gun in the household. Maybe Switzerland is concerned about criminals taking over.

President Biden in a recent speech called for sensible gun control. What about sensible criminal control? Does anyone believe that the criminals will turn into nice law abiding citizens?

Even Mr. Cuomo feels we can release 10,000 law abiding (criminal) citizens and close several prisons and have a wonderful world to live in. I want to see the repatriation rate.

Barrone Knobbs, Granville


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