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As the director of a busy local not-for-profit organization that does its level best to meet the unmet needs of the people in our community, I am surprised at all of the criticism leveled at the Open Door Mission regarding its Code Blue homeless shelter. The Moreau Community Center works with many other nonprofits, the Open Door included, and to suggest that they are not open to collaboration is simply false.

We recently reached out to Kim Cook, and she and our development director, Kelly Obermayer, approached the Town of Moreau Board about the possibility of using the vacated Town Hall building sitting idly in the village of South Glens Falls as a potential interim shelter. It turns out that it cannot be used because it lacks a sprinkler system. However, efforts are constantly being made by nonprofits, working together, to problem-solve and find creative ways to meet the needs of those requiring our help. In addition, we have never felt that we couldn't work with Kim and her staff despite the fact that we are not mission-based or evangelical in any way whatsoever. In fact, the nonprofit agencies in our geographical area compete constantly for dollars from limited sources, yet still find ways to put our heads together to solve real issues.

Yes, it is unfortunate that Mother Nature has dealt us some of the coldest weather in years. However, pointing the finger at the Open Door is neither productive nor accurate. In the nonprofit world, we must believe in the mantra "It takes a village." Getting our homeless people off the streets is a community problem requiring community resources. The Open Door deserves our support, not our criticism.

Donna Nichols, Fort Edward