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The last time my white supremacist nephew went down south was just before that alt-right march where a man drove a car into a crowd killing one and injuring 19 others. A television program recently featured “Christian Picciolini,” a former white supremacist said to be reformed. He stated his belief that they will eventually kill him for going public. He told of recruiters who commonly say to angry young men that Jews and blacks are “in cahoots” to kill off the white race.

Yes, it sounded pretty stupid to me, too. A little bit overly dramatic, I’d say. If anybody has a “master plan,” it has historically been the Nazis and their ilk. Nobody in the “higher up” seems to be taking this seriously. We let our president wipe out our medical insurance, yet we tip-toe around the “skinheads” to protect their “freedoms.” Could I be targeted by skinheads? Sure, if they matched my name with my nephew’s. Don’t be surprised when there are fatalities down there again soon, because there’s been another family trip now. The fact that the last march contained heavily armed alt-rights, this should have been a clue to law enforcement. Currently though, those marchers are getting too “chicken-livered” to shave their heads anymore.

Ku Klux Klan supporter Steven Bannon should never have been selected by Trump. And Trump should not have chosen the (was it 17?) women to practice his sexual misconduct on. Bannon would, in his media business, like to deify all that Trump and his administration do. George Wallace would have liked them.

Nita Reynolds-Stansberry, Hudson Falls