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The House of Representatives Intelligence Committee (oxymoron?) is about to release a totally discredited “secret memo” containing cherry-picked classified information and serious intentional omissions. The Justice Department has characterized this action as “reckless” and the Trump-appointed FBI director is battling with the White House over its release.

The maestro orchestrating this one-act play is the Committee Chairman Nunes, whose claim to fame was the night he sneaked into the White House property under the cover of darkness to receive a set of “secret” documents from a White House aide. The very next day he delivered the same “secret” documents to the president back at the White House where he received them the previous night. He then recused himself from the primary mission of the committee to investigate Russian interference in our elections to pursue his mission of sabotaging the committee’s investigation. At least one bulb is missing from this man’s chandelier. 

Incredibly, however, Chairman Nunes has received the full support of every single member of the Republican majority on that committee. Can it be that not one Republican on the committee has the backbone to oppose the irrational conduct of Chairman Nunes?

H. Wayne Judge, Glens Falls