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I would love it if someone could explain to me how we are going to get drug dealers to stop when every time I read a story in the paper about someone being arrested for selling heroin (or whatever drug it may be), the story ends with they were arraigned and sent to jail for lack of bail, or they were released pending prosecution (even though they had previous arrests for drugs, etc.). Seriously? Is this really how we are going to stop these people from killing our loved ones? So if this drug dealer had bail money he would have been back on the streets selling this poison until his court date? What is wrong with this picture? A slap on the wrist is not going to stop this horrific epidemic that’s destroying our country. No more bail for drug dealers. No more release pending prosecution — automatic prison time with no “time off” as they say for good behavior.

If we don’t stop this now, we won’t have any future generations to worry about. It’s time to take back our world. Come on people, get angry and start fighting back.

Penny Bradley, Gansevoort