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Years ago, we were fortunate enough to have two newspapers to cover the news. One was the Glens Falls Times and the other was the Glens Falls Post-Star. One was considered the Republican paper and the other the Democrat paper. One paper kept the other honest. Few people realized they were both printed on the same press.

Unfortunately, the two papers merged. In time, The Post-Star became politically biased and has voiced its opinions more than the news. Every issue has an editorial of sorts to persuade the readers to see its point of view. We have Don Coyote, Opinions, Viewpoints and Boos and Bravos, not to mention many of the columns. In recent years, The Post-Star has taken it upon itself to endorse political candidates. It is their way of influencing the public to their way of thinking.

I believe in freedom of the press, but let’s report news and not opinions. Give your readers the benefit of the doubt. I believe that they are competent enough to make their own decisions. Remember, opinions are like a—holes. Everybody has one.

Richard Stewart, North Creek

Editor’s note: Newspapers have a long history of writing editorials on local issues and endorsing candidates. We believe it is an important part of any newspaper’s role in the community to start a conversation about issues, their solutions and leaders who can make a difference. We offer those opinions as a public service, and we acknowledge that many disagree with our opinions and endorsements. That is how a functioning democracy should work with an ongoing community debate. Every citizen has the right to disagree and, when it comes to elections, vote for the candidate of their choice. That is also how it should be. Our newspaper continues to put local news at the core of its mission and news far outweighs local commentary in every issue.