Nearly every morning, as predicted, there is a venomous attack against our president or our congresswoman. It’s getting old. This paper has made a clear choice between being a journalistic-based or politically-based organization. Unfortunately, they have chosen to be political, much like most media outlets today.

Elise Stefanik continues to serve our district as an independent voice. Not resting on a proven track record, Elise continues to fight for legislation that increases our economic opportunities, enhances our military readiness and levels the playing field so New York agricultural and small businesses can compete in the marketplace. That is what garnered her an impressive 65 percent of the vote last fall, nearly double the votes of her two challengers combined.

Just last month, Elise co-introduced legislation with a Democrat (Canadian Snowbird Visa Act) to support tourism by extending winter visas to Canadians who own or lease homes in the U.S. by two months. The House passed another piece of her legislation (Military Residency Choice Act) enabling spouses of service members to claim residency in the same state as the service member for voting and tax benefits. Now if only the Senate would get their act together and pass bills into laws. If only instead of staunch “resist” Democrats representing us in the Senate, we had hardworking, independent representatives like Elise.

I’d argue she is more approachable than most politicians representing us. All of her votes are posted on Facebook and her website. We don’t even get that at our local level. From past conversations with Elise, she has an impressive knowledge of the issues and genuinely cares about all constituents. She deserves our support, or at the very least, a fair shake in the press.

Harrison Francett, Queensbury

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