We are living in scary times, with climate change being ignored, or even denied, by many of our "leaders."

Glens Falls (and surrounding communities) could become a "green" city, with solar panels placed on our schools and public as well as private buildings, making them renewable energy self-sufficient. All new construction, as the planned housing and commercial project on Broad Street, could be required to be renewable energy self-sufficient, as building projects are already required to be in many European countries. Heat pumps can be used in combination with solar to provide the energy necessary to heat, cool and meet the electrical needs of buildings, large and small. Changes to our climate are a reality. As a community, let us be a leader in making the necessary adjustments to it in upstate New York!

And for the sake of all our waterways and habitat, pass the ban on plastic shopping bags! Believe me, consumers will quickly enough get in the habit of bringing their own reusable bags to shop. Europeans do it! Canadians do it! Americans can, too!

Susan Guillet, Glens Falls

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