I hoped that the first letter I'd see this new year would be from one of the good guys: Suzie Rocca, she of the so-cool name and ideas. I love your letters! Or maybe the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, I mean Mennis. Your wonderful, well-written, intelligent letters give me hope, as do those of Al Muench, Tony Gagliano, Kevin Robbins, etc. That crowd. My crowd.  

I do love to hear from our local historian Doris Kearns Alitz. After her dazzling take on not legalizing pot because of the Opium Wars, I'm waiting for her to come out against legalizing UFC fighting because of that awful Boxer Rebellion in 1900. Even the baseless screeds of Karen Dewey or John Siebrecht would've been preferable to what we got to start the year — Sid Gordon.  

I know Sid means well, but enough with "The world stinks! We need to change everything. We need good, smart leaders." Actually, I agree with that one. I read the same thing in "Ya Think?" magazine. His thing was we should pick a think tank of the smartest, best people we know to make and review our laws. Hello! We already have such a thing, Sid. It's called our government, and you helped select it as much as the rest of us. Article I of the Constitution grants Congress responsibility for oversight over the agencies of government and, poof, there's your think tank.  

The best and most crucial thing for us all to do, Sid, is to get away from the nihilistic vandalism that is Deadbeat Donald, and thanks to Mr. Muench for that nickname. Think about that, Sid. Please. The fish rots from the head down, right?

G'night Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.

Al Scoonzarielli, Moreau

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