There is one resident and only one resident that has excelled at saving and protecting your tax dollar. Fact is it is Mr. Whitehead period. He led the charge to get Siemens to pay $500K to the county. Was one of the very few able to digest a very complicated contract as well as the energy performance contract and not let Siemens off the hook. Result $500K into county coffers. Thank you. He led the charge to stop wasteful abuse of your tax dollars and the destroying of a critical environmental marl fen on a runway extension at the county airport. FAA agreed with Mr. Whitehead and killed the project and saved wasting $13 million of federal, state and county tax dollars. FAA concluded it was never needed. Thank you. He led the way in exposing the abuse of federal/local loans on the Lake Champlain-Lake George Regional Board. Result board director resigned, major overhaul of entire board. Thank you. He uncovered the potential millions of dollars of abuse with Mr. Decker and some local towns turning a blind eye. We shall see how that plays out. Holding a master’s degree in electrical engineering, who worked for NASA and wrote papers for them on solar and wind projects, he is very active on clean climate committees. He is an environmentalist driven by facts, common sense and data. He may be not as polished as some politicians, but is truthful and is an extraordinary fact finder and checker. His countless hours to merely do the right thing and keep government from making huge costly mistakes for not even one penny is hard to comprehend. There is not one citizen who comes close to protecting your tax dollars in the entire town and county.

Doug Beaty, Queensbury

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