A picture accompanying The Post-Star article "Protesters square off" on Aug. 9 showed and named one Mike Kibling reading the names of people killed by illegal immigrants. It is my premise that Mr. Kibling did this because he is very concerned for the safety of the American people. I would hope that Mr. Kibling will use that same concern and once again stand in front of Elise Stefanik's office, this time to read the names of Americans killed by gun violence during the same time span that he used when naming those killed by illegal immigrants. Mr. Kibling has credibility for caring for Americans. He publicly stood up and showed us he cares deeply for the safety of Americans. Please, sir, use your voice to Make America Great Again. Read the names of Americans killed by Americans, (pretty much white, male Americans), so that we can once again go to church, to school, shopping, the movies, a concert, a dance, a festival, without needing to wear body armor. Maybe you could break the list down because it is very long. One reading could be the list of all the children killed by gun violence, another, the list of people killed while exercising their First Amendment rights of Freedom of Religion or Freedom of Assembly. And so on. I think you understand how it might work. 

I thank you, Mr. Kibling, for caring that Americans live in safety. I look forward to seeing your picture in The Post-Star soon as you continue your fight to bring safety back to American citizens. Make America Great Again! End gun violence!

Andrea Mungas, Cambridge

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