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In response to the mayor of Fort Ann and his uncouth Facebook post, I am appalled. To use the word he did implies that he lacks empathy toward people who have developmental disabilities and is not actually aware of the services people with disabilities receive. To not take responsibility for his words as a mayor implies that he lacks the leadership skills for the job. Mayor Langlois has now given Fort Ann the “simple-minded small town” stereotype that it does not deserve. Fort Ann is a diverse town with people of many different socioeconomic backgrounds and political affiliations. To name call and ostracize a political group is the opposite of what a government leader should do, especially when he is at the same time using a word that is disrespectful and outdated. Mayor Langlois should not only consider broadening his vocabulary, but also resigning from office. People outside of Fort Ann should take note that he does not represent the town of Fort Ann and the good people there. There is more to Fort Ann than the words of this appointed (note: not elected) official. Mr. Langlois and his uninformed post represent what is not “great” about America.

Katelyn White, Fort Ann

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