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Support The Post-Star — you'll regret not doing it, just as I am deeply regretting having let my own subscription lapse in the past.

You need to subscribe to The Post-Star for a reason you may not quite recognize (just as I had not recognized it until yesterday before the voting started). The reason to subscribe that hit me in the face is that The Post-Star reporters are actual reporters, they write well about real news and report well on what is in the news. You know it when you read it. The Post-Star presents to you a chance to read about some "common ground" (instead of inhaling deeply and repeatedly from your favorite hot air balloon). More on "common ground" below.

In many ways these Post-Star reporters, and local reporters and local reporting, are a national treasure and I hope they continue to write about the news.

I was also moved today to dig up and link to a Washington Post article with comments on "common ground" ... it resonates more today than when it first came out. All the article fails to do is to point out the clear difference between how the news that local (The Post-Star) reporters write about (it's real reporting about real news) and all of the opinion and personality commentary that is placed in front of you by the usual suspects.

Please subscribe and support local reporters giving us real news and common ground.

Pat Nolan, Glens Falls

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