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It looks like New York lawmakers are going to give themselves a generous Christmas present! Why am I not shocked or surprised by their greediness? They will soon be the highest paid legislators in the country. These part-time legislators already receive very generous stipends, in addition to their generous and adequate compensation.

They receive a hidden fringe benefit, according to records from the State Comptroller’s Office show that each lawmaker receives $175 per day in per diems, when they are in Albany. In addition to that, they receive mileage reimbursement. Some get additional money for holding leadership positions. These perks cost the taxpayers of this state approximately $2.5 million per year.

It would be reasonable to suggest that they give up these generous fringe benefits that their constituents do not get to justify their additional $50,000 per year in compensation. It would be naive to think that they would act honorably.

Jim Rando, Moreau

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